Pickled Green Chillies



INGREDIENTS: (Makes 1 jar)

   250gms/9ozs fresh hot green chillies

   3/4 cup vinegar

   3/4 cup boiled water – cooled

   1 tsp sugar

   1 tsp dark soy sauce

   1 tsp salt


Slice green chillies at an angle, discard stems.

Scald for about 30 secs in boiling water and rinse immediately with cold water.

Drain well and place chillies into a clean jar.

Pour in vinegar, add sugar, salt and soy sauce and top with enough cooled
boiled water to completely cover the chillies.

Screw down lid on jar tight enough to prevent spillage and gently shake
contents until the salt and sugar are dissolved.

Ready for use in a couple of days.

Great with Fried Rice and Fried Noodles.



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