Lamb Curry





   1.5kg/3.5lbs lamb chops

   5 – 6 medium potatoes

   4 – 5 long eggplants – (optional)

   2 x 400gms canned diced tomatoes

   400ml canned coconut cream

   400ml water

   2 medium onions – peeled and sliced fine

   2 cloves garlic – peeled and minced

   3/4 cup meat curry powder (or less according to taste)

   2 heaped tsps chicken stock powder

   1 tbsp lemon juice

   1 tbsp cooking oil

   1 tsp salt


Trim fat off lamb chops and cut meat into small bite-sized pieces, don’t
discard bones.

Heat oil in a large non-stick pot over medium heat and fry onions and garlic
for about a min or two.

Add curry powder and stir for about a minute until aromatic.

Add canned diced tomatoes, coconut cream, water, lemon juice, chicken stock
powder and salt.

Add lamb and bones and stir well.

Reduce heat, place lid on pot and simmer until the curry comes to a boil,
stirring occasionally. (Approx 15-20mins)

Peel and cut each potato into 8 pieces (i.e. into halves, then quarters and
then into 8).

If using eggplants, cut them into bite-sized pieces.

When curry comes to a boil, add the potatoes and eggplants and stir well.

Replace lid and continue to cook until the potatoes are cooked through. (Approx
30 mins)

Serve hot with steamed boiled rice, Indian “roti prata” or French breadsticks.



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